Vegetable tanning agents


XGREEN is a sustainable leather developed by BOXMARK. Key points in the production of this leather are the use of fully vegetable tanning agents and the innovative recovery and use of fat liquoring and filling agents from previous residues.

XGREEN is only drum dyed and the finish is limited to a water-repellent protective layer without additional color application. This way, the breathability and softness of the leather are preserved and it exhibits good resistance.

Our production exclusively uses renewable resources, limited to the extent that stocks can naturally grow back. Optimized production pathways, efficient energy recovery and modern energy management minimize the use of resources in all areas.

With the production and use of this leather an active contribution to environmental protection is guaranteed. 


BOXMARK highlights the naturalness of leather. The look of this material alone is enough to make it stand out from conventional leather. Natural features such as insect bites, scars or rough spots are retained, giving each leather a distinctive character. Due to the combination of plant-based tanning agents, the leather is very soft and slip-proof.

Aficionados will understand that this leather is inimitable und appreciate its uniqueness. XGREEN significantly contributes to conveying an appreciation and a sense of natural leather. It stands for a high level of awareness of quality, value and perception.


Ecological Cycle XGREEN

Fields of application

With a focus on nature and sustainability, XGREEN is ideally suited for use in the living environment. This leather provides every piece of furniture with a distinctive character and lets it appear natural and vibrant – for a more natural feel in the living spaces.

XGREEN is suitable for seating furniture and home furnishings, wall panels, built-in parts, design objects and many more.

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